The National GUITAR Museum was founded to promote and preserve the legacy of the guitar. It is the world’s first museum dedicated to the history, science, evolution, and cultural impact of the guitar.

The NGM is currently touring the country in an ongoing series of exhibitions that feature select instruments from the collection. These exhibitions present the NGM’s instruments, along with engaging and entertaining elements, to the public while the NGM conducts the site selection process for a permanent home for the collection. A number of cities are currently being considered for the final location.

This site contains information on our exhibitions and touring schedule, as well as our mission, our future plans, our partners, and the advisory board and executive staff of the NGM.


“The GUITAR Exhibit rocked for us! We were able to attract a very broad audience beyond what we would typically see in our museum, and we received an enormous amount of media attention. For months after the exhibit left, people were still telling me how much they enjoyed it. A big success!” Ann Metzger, Director. Carnegie Science Center and Carnegie Museum of Natural History

“We look for exhibits that take popular topics and add the science to them because people learn more while they’re having fun. “Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked The World” has been a great fit for that reason.” JoAnn Newman, President. Orlando Science Center

“GUITAR drew a wide audience from teens, young adults to grandparents. The exhibition is diverse and expansive, and is one of those rare exhibitions that offers something for everyone. All of our guests found something engaging and relevant to their lives.” Terri Rose, Science Museum of Virginia

“We’ve had terrific reaction from a wide variety of audiences, from the traditional museum member families to adults who appear to have a specific musical interest.  The exhibit is also drawing the interest of dads, with children of a wide variety of ages.  In the first month, the number of visitors on Saturdays increased by 92% and the number of Sunday visitors increased by 61%.” Jo Haas, CEO. Kentucky Science Center

“This is one of the only exhibits where I can say that every element–from installation to the entire visitor experience–was 100 percent positive. We had numerous repeat visitors, along with people who had never come to the museum before. GUITAR had universal appeal and unparalleled patron satisfaction.” – Rod Hansen, Director of Exhibits. The Museum Of Idaho