Medieval To Metal


“Medieval to Metal: The Art & Evolution of the Guitar” is an art exhibition that comprises objects, illustrations, and photographs, bringing the design history of the guitar to museum and gallery visitors. The touring exhibition is curated in partnership with art museums and galleries, and each installation is tailored to the layout, theme, and mission of the art venue.

This exhibition explores all facets of the world’s most popular instrument, from its history as an instrument of popular culture over the past four hundred years to modern efforts to reinvent the guitar with different materials, shapes, and approaches to design. Design illustrations, objects, and photographs provide a rich context for exploring the artistic components of the guitar.  Visitors will experience the art, history, and cultural impact of the guitar in an exhibition that contains 40 instruments ranging from the rare and antique to the wildly popular and innovative. The artifacts are supplemented with dozens of photographs and illustrations that depict significant artists and instruments of the last century.

“Medieval To Metal: The Art & Evolution Of The GUITAR” is an exciting and engaging experience that gives visitors the chance to interact with the guitar not only from the perspective of its history. As the guitar’s ancestors evolved over centuries from the earliest ouds and lutes, guitar makers experimented with shapes, materials, and accessories, seeking the perfect blend of beauty and sound. Musicians and luthiers continue to alter guitar design in their endless quest for a fresh aesthetic and sound that fuels creative synergy, musical innovation, and cultural change. Just as American guitar designers of the 1960s departed radically from the iconic hourglass shape, street-corner guitarists led the protest movement that challenged the status quo.

In addition to the objects, the exhibition features

The Permanence Of Design

Hand-drawn illustrations were created for the exhibition by renowned designer Gerard Huerta. The illustrations show how guitars designed in the 1950s have not changed while other contemporary devices, from automobiles to telephones, are nearly unrecognizable relative to their 1950s counterparts. (8 life-sized prints)

The Players & Their Instruments

Mounted photos of famous players of the past 100 years and the guitars most closely associated with them provide a link to the people who have helped establish the guitar’s legacy. The photos were taken by noted concert photographer Neil Zlozower. (20 framed 11 x 14 prints).

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Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art MuseumWausau, WIFebruary 28, 2015 - May 31, 2015
New Mexico Museum of ArtSanta Fe, NMFebruary 6, 2016 - May 1, 2016
Sonoma County MuseumSanta Rosa, CAMay 27, 2016 – September 5, 2016
The Haggin MuseumStockton, CAOctober 6, 2016 – January 8, 2017
Butler Institute Of American ArtYoungstown, OHJanuary 20, 2017 – April 30, 2017
Saginaw Art MuseumSaginaw, MISeptember - December 2017
Vero Beach Museum Of Art Vero Beach, FLJanuary 27, 2018 - May 6, 2018
Appleton Museum of ArtOcala, FLMay 19, 2018 – September 3, 2018
Fort Wayne Museum Of ArtFort Wayne, INSeptember - December 2018
Stamford MuseumStamford, CTFebruary 15, 2019 – May 26, 2019
Currier Museum Of ArtManchester, NHJune 2019 – September 2019
National Czech & Slovak Museum Cedar Rapids, IAMay 2020 – September 2020